Better Than Cured.

is a new method of treatment for anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and adult attention deficit disorder that I have designed and practiced with my patients for over six years with remarkable results. It is a unique approach that combines modern forms of psychotherapy with psychiatric medications and life coaching.
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Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT)

Incorporating the human-animal bond in a psychotherapy process is called Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT). Working with a friendly and well-trained dog as co-therapist can facilitate a faster access to the emotional brain.
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Public Speaking.

I spoke at the Women’s Health Conference, organized by the California Healthy Families Council, on Emotional Disorders in Women. I spoke on reducing stigma for mental illness at the LA County Board of Supervisors, Commission for Disabilities.
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Life Coaching.

What is Life Coaching? It is designed to help you develop effective strategies to get where you always wanted to be but never knew how to. Together we create maps and means to get to your goals.
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About Dr. Forest

How are my methods different? Learn about how my methods of psychiatric treatment incorporate a more humanistic approach.

Animal Assisted Therapy

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From the beginning of her career in Psychiatry, she integrated and expanded therapeutic techniques based on "here and now." which included Cognitive Behavior, Solution Focused, etc., with medication management.