About Dr. Forest

Christine D. Forest, M.D., Psychiatrist,

completed her postgraduate training at Los Angeles County – University of Southern California in 2002. From residency she transitioned directly into her own private practice and became attending staff at Cedars Sinai Medical Center. While developing her practice, Dr. Forest worked in the Consultation Liaison and Inpatient Unit of the Psychiatry Department at Cedars Sinai.

From the beginning of her career in Psychiatry, she integrated and expanded therapeutic techniques based on “here and now.” which included Cognitive Behavior, Solution Focused, etc., with medication management. Dr. Forest’s focus is initiating and fostering successful transitions for the mentally ill, as well as for the fully functional.

Further trained in Life Coaching, she initiated the program Strategies for Winning, which utilizes Guided Transformation to design effective interventions for people without mental illness, but who are at the crossroads in their careers or relationships. Guided Transformation is based on the belief that we do have what it takes to reach our dreams if we learn how to transform our positive and negative qualities into powerful vehicles that take us to where we would like to be.

Dr. Forest’s life path has well prepared her for for giving such guidance. At LAC-USC she worked with uninsured patients coming from all over the world in pursuit of their dreams. Many struggled with mental illness as well – at the same time. Many of her patients also rose far beyond cured, to what Dr. Forest likes to refer to as “better than cured.” As Clinical Supervisor for residents in training in psychiatry in the Cedars Sinai program, she developed solid experience in teaching and mentoring. She teaches a course, Crafting the Right Career Path, for doctors in their last year of postgraduate training.

Her public speaking began with invitation from various organizations – social, religious and political – to advise their members. Her presentations were included in two conferences at the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, Commissioned for Disabilities, speaking on reducing stigma in psychiatry, and translating into plain English the new and highly effective modalities of treating mental illness, which shifted the goal of treatment from improving the symptoms to improving functionality and quality of life. Her newest project in public speaking is a series of lectures on Successful Transitions.

Her own life is a living example. As a young Romanian doctor, she arrived in the U.S. penniless and with limited English. She has transitioned into a successful private practice physician and has become a respected staff member at a prestigious medical center. She is also a teacher and a wife, as well as a fully integrated American citizen.

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