“A bit of advice given to a young Native American at the time of his initiation: ‘As you go the way of life, you will see a great chasm. Jump. It is not as wide as you think.” Joseph Campbel, “In The Field” How can you find that courage? Do not linger in the warm nostalgia of the good old …

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Part I The Need and Resistance to Change   As of today, March 2012, economists agree that we are slowly emerging from the recession.  Whether it is because of the mild winter or the “Obama stimulus” or other factors, the consensus is that the economy is improving.  There is also a growing consensus that our society will emerge from this …

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Antidote for Information Overload

 My patient, we will call him Leo to respect his confidentiality, is a high paid salesman.  When he has a job.  The problem is, having attention deficit disorder and anxiety, he has a great deal of difficulty keeping his jobs.  In fact, he is one of 3.5% of people in the workforce with this problem.   Like them, his annual income …

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Finding the Right Words to Rule and Control Your Anger

Let’s say something bad happens. It could be your boss being unfair to you, or your partner feeling hurt for no apparent (to you) reason. Or your teacher, or your colleague, or your son or daughter do something stupid. Or you do something stupid and get caught. In other words, an upsetting event. Speaking our mind, having a voice—letting people …

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How Mindfulness Training Can Make Your Life Better

Over the weekend I attended a workshop on mindfulness taught by Dr. Ronald Siegel. Mindfulness psychotherapy derives from Buddhist psychology. Dr. Siegel has been practicing and teaching mindfulness to patients for many years, even before it was considered okay to mention Buddhism in medical circles. He is part of a small group of pioneers, including Dr. Jon Kabat Zinn, who …

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