Public Speaking

I spoke at the Women’s Health Conference, organized by the California Healthy Families Council, on Emotional Disorders in Women. I spoke on reducing stigma for mental illness at the LA County Board of Supervisors, Commission for Disabilities. I have presented ground rounds and I am teaching “Crafting the Right Career Path” for residents at Cedar Sinai Medical Center. I have presented Grand Rounds at Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Antelope Valley Hospital, etc.

Medical Conferences

(for grand rounds, round table or as part of bigger events, especially medical conferences).
They may be one-hour presentations or half-day workshops.

Presentations and Workshops:

Emotional Disorders in Women —advancement in treating emotional
disorders with specific emphasis in the treatment of women.

Antidepressants: So many choices—So little time: adequate usage of antidepressants, alone or in combination, to obtain significant remission of symptoms and a better quality of life.

Using Cognitive Behavior Therapy with Medication Management in the Treatment of Anxiety Disorders.

Psychiatry Made Simple —a primer for health care professionals who do not specialize in mental health but deal with psychiatric patients regularly.

“My Neighbor Has a Psychiatrist Too!” Psychiatric treatment improves quality of life, increases awareness and reduces the stigma regarding mental illness. And its treatment could change the lives of millions!

Life Coaching Lectures:

Crafting the Right Career Path —strategies on how to choose a career congenial with your personal inclinations in order to derive maximum satisfaction and success and better cope with stress and difficulties along the way. Addresses senior students from colleges and universities, as well as senior residents in the medical postgraduate training programs.

Successful Transitions —effective strategic models for dealing with stressful
changes whether the changes are considered good or bad.